How we build successful startups

Ever Technologies helps businesses across the globe bring their products to life. Whether you’re a startup founder or a startup accelerator consultant looking for a trusted technical partner, we’re here for you.

We provide full-cycle services of software development for Startups, from Idea to Market Entry

How we build successful startups

Our WorkFlow

At Ever Tech, we're proud to be recognized experts in guiding promising startups from the conception phase through to take-off.

With our methodical approach and proven experience, we help visionary entrepreneurs turn their ideas into successful, sustainable businesses.

  • In-depth market research

    We start with an exhaustive analysis of the target market, identifying trends, opportunities, key challenges and competition. This crucial step enables us to validate the viability of your idea and define a winning strategy.

    In-depth market research
  • Ideation and conceptual design

    Working closely with you, our multidisciplinary team conducts brainstorming and ideation sessions to refine your initial vision. We explore different angles, conduct user research and define the guiding principles of the product/service.

    Ideation and conceptual design
  • Prototyping and user testing

    On the basis of the chosen concept, we create clickable prototypes enabling users to test and give feedback. This iterative process helps us validate hypotheses, identify areas for improvement and converge on a solid minimum viable product (MVP).

    Prototyping and user testing
  • UI/UX design

    Our team of talented designers creates an intuitive and attractive user experience for your MVP. Following the latest trends, they create attractive mock-ups, wireframes and visual designs with a focus on ease of use.

    UI/UX design
  • Agile MVP development

    Armed with validated designs, our technical team implements an agile, iterative development process. By closely involving the customer, we build and test the MVP in increments until we have a product ready for launch.

    Agile MVP development
  • Market launch strategy

    During development, we work in parallel on a launch marketing strategy. This includes positioning, key messaging, promotional channels and lead generation to ensure successful deployment.

    Market launch strategy
  • Post-launch continuous improvement

    The launch is just the beginning! We stay by your side, analyzing user data and feedback to constantly improve functionality, performance and the product experience.

    Post-launch continuous improvement

Investments and Shareholdings

As a software development company, our remuneration comes from the fees we charge for our consulting, design and development services.

Our rates are based on the scope of the project, the resources required and the estimated duration of the commitment. We offer all-inclusive packages or competitive hourly rates according to your preferences.

Our approach is to be a full-fledged strategic partner, sharing our expertise and passion for building exceptional products. Although we don't take an equity stake, our success is intimately linked to that of your startups. That's why we commit ourselves wholeheartedly to every project.

Investments and Shareholdings

Types of Startups

We work with innovative startups in high-potential sectors such as technology, healthcare, FinTech and many others. Whether open source or proprietary, our only requirement is a solid concept with real potential for exponential growth.

Types of Startups

Success Stories

We're proud to have worked with many visionary startups to help them realize their potential.

Here are just a few examples of the revolutionary startups we've helped to turn their vision into reality